Taking time for me: Emily Elrod Photography

March 10, 2017

My son is 9 years old, actually closer to 10 than 9. I honestly think from the moment he was born I have focused more on him (of course) than me. I mean....you know ....shopping for clothes...I want to get my kids all the cute clothes, they need hair cuts, clothes, birthday parties.....the list goes on and on and all of the sudden there is no me time! In the last year...I rarely even stop to look in the mirror.  Until I have to look in the rearview mirror and then I am like...did I really go out in public like that. After a while...I had gone out in public like that so much, I just starting thiking....well everyone i know has now seen me with no makeup, yoga pants and pullover, I really have nothing to hide. Until....I felt like I was hiding. Hiding behind clothes! Not wanting to be in pictures anymore. I found myself in a cover up and not coming out of it. I was tired and busy and full of excuses. I don't have time to workout. I don't have time to cook....I don't even have time to put makeup on....Thankful for others I did make time to brush my teeth but that was it! Then one day I took a pcture of me at a Clemson football game with my friend Holly (who looked great)...and I made her take 3 retakes and I still did not like it! In the back of my head I thought I need to do something! A sweet someone (Heather Hooker)  had reached out before to me and I was not ready.  Still full of excuses. But the first week of 2017 I vowed to myself this year would be FOR me! No more hiding, or making excuses or just not caring! In Two Months I have lost 13 pounds. I am wearing clothes that I have not worn in years and I feel good about myslef. I am excited to share a few steps of my journey. I still have a way to go but I am excited for pool season this year which I have dreaded for several years in the past! 

More details coming soon along with some of my favorite things I love using.


Here is to other moms putting yourself first! 


Takeing care of ME, makes me a better mom and wife!