Summer Hours

June 29, 2016

It's Summer! Yay for Summer! My kids finished Kindergarten and 2nd grade! It was a fun quick year and now they are off to relax! Yeah right not sure who is relaxing!! Maybe Hank our 5 Month old Puppy is finally relaxing a little! But for the kids and I, not so much.
We are covered up in learning camps, art camps, tennis camp and many many pool dates! Sleeping in, Staying up late, eating way too much ice cream, golf cart rides, bike rides and as many play dates as we can fit in.

I have tried to keep a normal schedule with pictures but it's near impossible see these years will go by fast...I mean it's almost July 4th, we have a little over a month and half left of summer! Years from now they will want nothing to do with me. So bare with me. Text me, send me multiple messages, call me. I know I am horrible sometimes at getting back to you and there are no excuses other than I am making memories with my kids while I am still cool for them!

I told someone the other clients tend to be 10 times more organized than me and that's what keeps me organized. Art is my thing, capturing moments is my thing and the end product I promise will be worth it. If you can just put up with my Summer disorganization and know...I'm with my kids and I promise not ignoring you.

You see my son....(defiantely my hero) he is going a camp for 5 weeks where he learns to read a special way. He is dyslexic and luckily he has so many great resources! However, when he gets out...I want to show him a good time because its summer and he deserves that. I want to take him to the pool or movies and reward him for all the hard work he is putting in this summer. Not to take away from my work at all but I will not get these days back. So please don't give up on me! Just shoot me another email or text me and tell me to get with it!


Come fall, maybe I will be organized while I sit at home and cry that I will have a 1st grader and 3rd grader in school!!