Everyone faces a battle that no one sees from the outside

March 10, 2017

I love Photography, I love writing. But more than anything I love being able to give back and help others! 

I truly believe we all suffer and at some point in our life or deal with things that no one sees from the outside. 

I have learned a lot about that when I am photographying others. I have photographed families who are battling cancer, dealing with depression, preparing to loose a loved one, have lost a loved one, those that are anxious, kids that are shy and many more things that you can't see from the outside.

If you met this sweet boy you would see athletic, fun, kind, sweet and so much more, just by observing him. 

But what you would not see from him is he is Dyslexic. You would not know by looking with him or talking to him that he has a hard time reading. But it effects everything and more than anything it effects his confidence. 

Kids are cruel and I am waiting for the day that other kids notice or say things to him. 

But what I currently do for him is embrace it and empower him. I get him the tools he needs to succeed and I surround him with as many resources that I can. 

I let him know that Dyslexia does not define him but better yet HE DEFINES DYSLEXIA. 

Everyone is fighting a battle you may never know about. So always just be kind! 

Stay tuned to a fun project coming up that I have been working on.